Carpet Cleaning Chaos

Today was a good day for cleaning the carpet downstairs so I did it.  I moved all the furniture off into other areas – the tiled and wood floor part and vacuumed and ran the carpet cleaner over the whole region.

Gus and Julie tend to make themselves scarce during these times, while Calla is braver when the machines are running.  Julius comes running back as soon as there is any break in the process, while Gus takes a lot longer to come back.

As the carpet dried after the cleaning, Julius showed his approval of the big space by rolling over it.  He also likes the new adventure land of all the furniture jammed together in fun new patterns.

Calla likes the jumble of furniture fine, but finds the big open space unsettling.  Best to stay along the edges, and on the drier spots.

She moved all along the walls exploring…..

Until a rude fellow trapped her on one of the edges.  It isn’t fair that he can go all over the floor instead of having to stay on the sides.

Julie was nice and let her move on to the final wall where she rested.

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13 Responses to Carpet Cleaning Chaos

  1. kimkiminy says:

    How exciting! The furniture moved! The delightfully strange, chemically smells from the damp carpet! It’s too much!


  2. leamuse says:

    They are beautiful. But remember, Dogs have owners and cats have staff! 🙂 Perhaps you would like to check out a cat that I am rather fond of?


  3. nadbugs says:

    Julie prairie-cat (wide-open range). Calla city-cat (security in structures).


  4. Furniture moving makes my crowd Deeply Suspicious. LOVED Julius’ tummy!


  5. Julie is a goofball! I dont know that I’ve seen that side of him before!
    I find it so funny that Calla doesnt mind the machines running, seems like she’d be the one who wouldnt come out for a long time.
    Very gallant of Julie to make way for Calla to get un trapped.


  6. Julius wanted to make sure everykittie noo this carpet was his carpet.


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  8. littlemiao says:

    mew! Calpurnia does look quite cautious, but you can’t get much more relaxed than Julius. Does he like tummy rubbings?


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