New Spot

The other day I picked up a new throw-rug and put it in a high traffic area by the base of my leather armchair.  It seems to have been adopted by the cats as a good place to sleep and dig and crumple up.

One down side is that if I sit in that chair this is right where my feet will come down when I get up.  I suppose I will have to learn to look before I leap.

Another attraction for this part of the room is that Julie has decided to break open the sachet of herbs that is the next most popular now that the catnip has been spilled.  This pink bag of “Mouser Mix” is now about a third spilled about the area in front of the television.

I’m not sure how he can untie the knot on top without thumbs, but he has figured out a method.

Calla seems a little worried about this new development


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3 Responses to New Spot

  1. Anything new is interesting, and if it’s also comfy, it belongs to the kitties! Of course they’re going to take it, and rearrange it to make it their own.
    Julie learning how to untie knots… hmm, it’s only a matter of time before he learns to tie them now. No wonder Calla’s uneasy!


  2. It’s a well-known fact that throw rugs harbor monsters beneath them which must be VANQUISHED, several times a day.


  3. Lurkertype says:

    My fluffy tortie girl always sleeps right under where my feet go when I get out of the recliner. Miss Calla will learn you real good.


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