Playing Fetch

Stairstep Sneaker

I was upstairs on the computer rather than downstairs so the cats came to fetch me down for late night playtime.  Davout came up and mewed at me, then a little later Rhea dragged the feather toy behind my chair for me to find.

When I carried stuff downstairs she followed, creeping after the toy.

Davout and Blinds

But Davout needed the toy more since he didn’t get any outside time today.

Whisker View

I thought these were pretty striking.

Scratcher 1

After a little goofing around he got the urge to scratch at the post…

Scratcher 2

He kept it up for some time, too.


He’s usually so dignified, it is good to see him making funny faces for a change.

Lil Rhea

Rhea did get a chance to play, too.



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3 Responses to Playing Fetch

  1. weggieboy says:

    I agree! That photo of Davout with his tongue sticking out is precious!


  2. Connie says:

    I love watching kitties play fetch


  3. You got some really great shots of Davout where you can see his features! Good light! He sure is a cutie!


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