Red Dot

The kittens are the first cats I’ve known that like the red laser pointer dot.  I broke it out to give them some action today.

It certainly does hold their interest!

The problem is the poor things never can catch it!  It makes me feel bad for teasing them a little.   I’m not too worried about getting them in the eye as they are always looking away from me.  Of course, that makes the pictures less interesting.

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Gus Comes Home

Gus’ remains came home today.  I got a nice little urn and they fit nicely next to Calpurnia’s box.  He spent a lot of time sleeping at the base of this book shelf in the last few weeks.

Over these last days I remembered something from the Two Towers movie.  I always felt a connection to the men of Rohan as portrayed in the movie.  I suppose it is the call of the AngloSaxon blood.  These scenes strike an even stronger chord now.


It is an odd coincidence that the star jasmine is about to bloom out back.  Soon it will look like this.

Star Jasmine, Demon Plant from Hell

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Who’s Watching?

The number one watcher is Julie today.  He has been spending a lot more time looking out for the kittens when they are outside playing in the back yard.  He’s up on the wall, but instead of looking outward he tends to look inward at them.

Today when I was sitting with them taking pictures he did his common action, which is to sit close behind me, facing the opposite direction.   Just in case something big comes that way when I’m not looking.

Rhea is quite the bug hunter.  Here she is trying to track a gnat by following its movements with her head and body.  It looked hilarious.

Now Gus had a completely different strategy that was at least as effective.  He would sit still but if a bug got too close he would snap at it and eat it right up.  Less work, and fairly effective.

Yes, grass eating again.  This photo is interesting because his body seems to be fading into mist rather than being solid.

I don’t recall seeing Julie relax and do his roll and stretch routine outside before – he’s normally all business when out there.

Calpurnia was almost the exact opposite – she was usually more relaxed and likely to be affectionate outside and more guarded inside.  It was something more than just proximity to the other cats, because it still held if the others were nearby.

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Formal Picture Day

Someone always has to be a comedian.

The pictures I liked from Friday’s outside time broke up into the grass eating shots and some nice portraits.

Julie is adjusting to being the top cat in an interesting way.  He was never a bully, but he has been almost indifferent to the other cats in the house.  He even used to get in trouble with Calpurnia by jumping to the top of the cat tree without checking if she were up there first.

Today and yesterday I saw him try to get up there, and then stopping short when he saw a kitten up there.  Then he didn’t take off when the kitten leaned down and sniffed and poked at him.  He is sitting closer to my chair in the evenings and doesn’t mind if a kitten sits nearby too.

Rhea is still in the throes of heat off and on.  She snuck up on Julie this morning when he was resting and started her meeping right in his ear.  He gave her a backhand swipe to get her to back off for a minute.

There was also a cat explosion this morning.  Julie was looking out the back window and I think Davout was standing next to him.  Rhea was over there too somewhere.  I heard this big crow caw noise and all three of them took off and ran all over the house.

When I looked out, I saw the neighbor’s cat on top of the back wall.  I’m not sure how the crow and cat fit together to make an especially scary moment.

Oh, I really like this picture.

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Meals of Grass

It was a nice day to go out and the theme of the day was grass eating.  Julie has always been a big grass eater…and barfer, of course.  Davout has been sniffing at and eating grass blades since his first few moments outside.  And he increasingly is watching Julie and trying to emulate his hero, so I don’t see him doing it less.

But it was a little surprising to see Rhea following along chomping at grass too.  At one point she had a blade as long as her body and seemed to be trying to eat it all before she gave up on it.

This is Davout’s personal  grass patch.  He goes to it right after he comes outside, and then comes back to it a few times more.  Davout is very prone to using a paw, or even two, to help corral the blade he wants to chew on.

It really is funny how he has taken to tagging along after Julie.  When Julie comes in from outside he always trots into the kitchen.  And these days he has a little shadow trotting right behind him like a pale shadow.

He took it a bit too far yesterday.  Julie came in from the back yard and started gagging up his tummy full of grass clippings.  Davout came up and watched, then started gagging up his own load right next door.  When I thought of the cats doing things together, this wasn’t what I had in mind.

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Life Goes On

Yesterday after saying goodbye to Gus, we all took some time to recharge some in the back yard in the sun.  Julie is apparently over his reluctance to be outside and spent some of the time patrolling the pool area next door.  I wasn’t sure then why he gave me this look but now I see.

You see that black plastic square to his left?  That is an interlocking edging part and just a few minutes before Davout pulled it out of the ground with his teeth to that cockeyed position.

When not breaking the landscaping, Davout could be restful and quiet, taking in the sensations with every part of his body from nose to tail.

Rhea not as chill as Davout.  She would poke into one corner, then trot over to stick her nose into whatever it was he was doing, and then off again.

She also can’t pull off the Puma look like he can.

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Farewell to Gus

Gus did not wake up in the hospital this morning.   It wasn’t a shock given how he was withdrawing inward yesterday.  It was just time to go.

I got to see his body a last time.  He looked more relaxed than even when he was sleeping these days.  I hadn’t been sure what that would be like but it did me some good.

Seventeen years is a long time to know someone, but even then you wish it had been longer.  As I found with Calpurnia, you don’t always get anywhere near that long.

Gus used to be the one to greet me at the door every day.  I wonder if someone will take over for him?

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Shrinking Hopes

I visited Gus today and talked to the vet.  Some of the treatments are helping – the IV is easing his dehydration, but he is still refusing food and slipping farther away.  I will see him again tomorrow morning, but I think he’s telling me it is time to go.


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Gus is Out Sick

Gus is in the hospital now.  He stopped wanting much food the last day or so and was very sluggish in the morning and refused food.  He did drink some so he hasn’t given up yet.  He even walked up the stairs sometime in the morning.

The tests show he might have an infection and is getting some fluids and food.  He must have not been eating enough before even before this weekend since he’s lost a lot of weight.


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Pokey Day

I caught Rhea hanging out in a ‘tunnel’ at the base of the stairs behind the sofa back to the cat tree.  I’ve seen her use the tunnel before but not sleep there.  Pay no attention to the knee brace in front.

The cats went out a little bit today although I didn’t take photos.  Julie not only didn’t jump a wall, but even ran inside a few times when noises blared out on the highway or for reasons I didn’t understand.  I wonder if something scared him outside that last time because I haven’t seen him stay inside so calmly for this long very often before.

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