Anna Out and About

The excitement for the day is that Anna’s room is open for her to explore, and I’m keeping the kittens downstairs by hanging out down here.  At one point I saw her come down two thirds of the stairs and look around before going up.

A bit later I went up to find her and found her here.  Any guesses about where that is?

Meanwhile Rhea was carefully staying downstairs on her tree and Davout was oblivious to it all.  Sometimes he would go look down the hall to Anna’s room, even though Anna wasn’t even there.

She was over in my closet, up on the bureau.  For a declawed cat, Anna sure seems to be able to get way up on top of things.

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Press Your Luck

Anna’s eyes are looking quite a bit better now, and she’s starting to show it in her attitude. She’s out more often rather than hiding, even after getting the drops in her eyes.

I decided to continue the game of bringing in a kitten onto the sofa so that they are forced to sit about 3 foot away from Anna.  Anna was pretty quiet when Rhea was there.  Only when Rhea started walking around the couch on her own did a low grrrowl noise start to come out.

Davout was harder because he doesn’t like to be caught in the first place, and then had to be carried across the house to get in.  I don’t know that I’ve ever heard him hiss before but he did — mostly at me.  It was the quietest, cutest little hiss like a puff of air.  Again, Anna was pretty quiet when I was holding him, and only hissed at him once he was let go.

Rhea was going to town on this shoebox, dragging it around, banging it on the walls like a maniac.

Finally, she got inside and dug so hard that she tore both sides out and almost tore a hole through the bottom.  I had to throw it away it was so messed up.

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Baby Steps

I got a call from the vet to see how the treatment is going.  It is a little hard to tell because the eyedrops themselves leak out and stain under the eye.  The easiest way to tell is how she acts – she’s not hiding in the dark or rubbing her eye.  And that’s with the addition of two times a day application of drops, something she isn’t happy with.

Rhea was playing with this catnip firecracker.  Funny thing about that.  It was a few years old even before I adopted Calpurnia in 2010.  The fabric is thin from being licked, the color is gone from the attention…but only this toy gets it.  I’ve bought new ones, all of which are pretty much ignored.

I have to think that the only smell that could be attracting Rhea to this toy is from the cats that loved this toy over the years and not from the aged catnip in there.  The kittens don’t even seem to react much to catnip yet.  But it seems that a much-loved toy is loved by new cat after new cat when it can’t smell like it originally did.

Before picture time I had the Anna’s door open and I brought Rhea inside to sit on me on the sofa very close to Anna.  There were some growls when Rhea moved or looked at her too long, but it went pretty well for both of them.

I might have tried that with Davout, but he wisely scampers away from me in these situations.  But he sure is curious about Anna.

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Box Fort

Rhea likes these shoeboxes with lids and will climb into them and let the top close in on her like a little fort.  If the box is closed, she will shove it around with her nose and paws trying to get it open.

If Davout comes to investigate she will pop out and startle him.

Anna looks a little bit rumpled with the drops leaking out of her eye.  Hard to say if she is feeling any better than yesterday.  Both days were better than the weekend.

She’s also not thrilled with getting drops.  It is easier than the medicine in the mouth, though.

Meanwhile Davout peeks into the room to see what is inside.  Such a cute fellow.

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Anna at the Vet

Anna’s eye was improved this morning, and she was out and about in her room.  But regardless, it needed to be checked out to see what it was.  She was very good in the car, but very hard to get in her carrier.  The one with the open top might be better for her.

She wanted out at the vets even in the lobby.  I cracked open the carrier and she popped right out — most other cats will just pop their heads out but she came all the way out, then jumped down the receptionist’s desk.  Every time she was put down she started exploring the front room with interest.

The vet gets a kick out of her because she isn’t scared a lick of her, but doesn’t just give in to the exams either.  She does enough wriggles and twists to make it hard, and her short body is very hard to hold still.

This red picture is down in the cubbies beside the red sofa where Anna has been hanging out since her eye started to hurt.  This light might help rest her eye.

The vet inspected her eye for cuts or scratches and didn’t see anything.  The suspect now is an eye infection so she has some drops for it.  This evening she was interested in playing with the red cord, and did some digging at things with her clawless paws.  A few moves and she would duck back into the cubbies for whatever reason.

I like it when Rhea sleeps here and wakes up, peering at me blearily.

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Sore Eye for Anna

After yesterday’s post I checked on Anna and noticed that one of her eyes was irritated and tearing up.  She’s been spending a lot of time in the darker corners.  I will be taking her into the vets tomorrow.

Meanwhile Rhea seemed to be wanting to sleep herself rather than have pictures taken.

She does look good sleeping.

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This morning I opened up Anna’s door and she came out and explored the upstairs for quite a while.  For a while there was no drama, but then Rhea in particular started following her about, sometimes getting within a foot or two.  Yes there was hissing, but nothing worse.  The kittens did cut her off from her room which seemed to be upsetting her some so I broke up the impasse.

I didn’t get any pictures of Anna, but she does the same thing that this cat Sirocco does of ‘floating’ when walking around.  Rather than go straight, she floats from wall to wall to corner and rubs up against it.  It is very cute.

The rest of the day Anna has been content to stay in her room and nap. There’s nothing wrong with her…in fact, I’ve felt the same way today.

It has been a while for toys with the kittens and Rhea was in great form, capturing the lure and carrying it off to her ‘home base’ to play with.

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So Pretty when She’s Angry

More stuff from yesterday when Anna was being very photogenic.  I was doing them when Davout snuck in to get a peek at her.

I thought Anna looked especially like a lion with this one.  She has a nice set of whiskers herself.

Then she caught sight of Davout and went onto alert status…

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Odd Impulses

Davout is acting normally again – chasing Rhea to and fro, getting curious about Anna, going back to his accustomed sleeping spots.  This is what I hoping would happen.

What is he looking up at?

Goofy Decorations!  I don’t know what led me to spring for a pair of LED festooned fake branches with autumn leaves.  I haven’t gone in for much seasonal decoration in many years.

The kittens were interested, but grown up enough that they don’t seem to want to eat them.

Davout wanted his own close look…

Rhea did gently play with the leaves.

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Bandannas and Anna is Bananas

As promised, here are pictures of Davout in his bandanna on the way home from the vet’s the other day.  It is not easy to see in this view.

This one is a little clearer.  It is very smart, and he didn’t seem to mind it.

Davout seems more like himself today, sitting in more normal places, although he is more in loaf mode than sprawled out.  It has been cool these last two days, though, so that might explain some of it.  I do check and he seems alert enough and not ill.

I went in to see Anna after her dinner break and she was sitting on the couch.  This is nice, and she gave me a yawn of greeting.  She has her people issues, but I can see her trying to show her appreciation in little ways.  She will knead paws, flop down looking away from you.

I think some of her eating is more a show than actual hunger.  At times she will just jump down from her spots, eat a bite or drink some water in front of me with her back to me, then jump back up.

When I came in for the ‘dinner and medicine visit’ she was resting under the shelves you see reflected behind her, in a nook by the base of the lamp you also see in the window.  I call that my “Sargon Lamp” after a Star Trek episode where the crew meets advanced aliens who stored themselves in balls like that when the crew visited.  They would swap minds with Kirk and then the ball would be real dim.

Anyhow, she stayed in there and did not come out to eat.  After a bit of a wait I just fetched her out with only a minor tussle and gave her the dosage, after which she ate a bit.  I probably shouldn’t be so hesitant to ‘invade her space’ a little bit, since it doesn’t seem to bother her when I do.  Sometimes it seems to even make her act better.

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