Time Marches On

Calpurnia was an interested spectator as were we all when Gus got up to welcome Julie back inside after his nightly run about the area.  He was very good about just cleaning between Julie’s ears and lasted almost two minutes before biting him on the shoulder.

This is pretty typical and might mean he is feeling better.

The two-a-days have been going pretty well – the morning pill went right down and I fooled him in the evening by just putting him on a towel on the toilet seat and starting without wrapping him up.

He raised a paw to block, and I was only able to pop the pill in front, but surprisingly he swallowed it anyway.  He is being a lot nicer about these pills than the Valium.

Last night he was sleeping next to me on the bed, and his ears were twitching some.  One of the larger scabs did come free, that was bending down his ear tip.  Cats are good at hiding symptoms, but I do think some of the discomfort is easing, even if there is some new skin redness still.

After giving Calla some brushing, I put her up on the half-pipe.  I was making up for an earlier incident where I had left  some papers on there and she spotted them as she was shinnying up the post.  Of course, she had to jump down.

All this made her cranky, and after a few prods from below I got her to swat at me.  Pretty funny, and she is sweet enough to not put out her claws for any of the blows.  Cute, though.

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6 Responses to Time Marches On

  1. I can imagine being batted at by Calla is like being batted with a powder puff!
    Glad Gus is taking his meds well, hope he heals up super fast!!


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  3. nadbugs says:

    I have something to say about Pill Pockets over at minlit’s. Otherwise . . . . hi!


    • Oldcat says:

      You are right – the size was part of the issue.

      With the Valium pills other food wasn’t a help because he would be trying so hard to spit out that pill. I figure it must be a bitter taste. These new pills are not so bad, and he doesn’t work as hard at getting rid of them.

      A sip of milk is my treat of choice for afterwards, as the others don’t have a taste for it. I use a teeny measuring bowl to make sure he doesn’t get too much.

      This morning I wrapped him up in a purrito and he was on the one hand purring but both ears were flat and he was glaring.


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