Cubbys for Calla

The space behind the cat tree is not the only little corner Calla has claimed for herself.  This space in front of the idle fireplace has a nice tile floor for extra coolness.  There’s even a window on the other side so perhaps a little breeze reaches the spot.

The little brown platform to the side is Gus’ step stool to help him get up onto the ottoman and to the leather chair.  He sometimes does that when I am sitting there.

When she wants some variety, there’s the banana and the carpet in front of the television. And just a bit farther on is the new place under the cat tree.

One advantage of this half of the room is that she’s a little less likely to run into Gus, who tends to hang out along the center line of the area.

Gus wonders if he is being too predictable…

Calla isn’t afraid of Gus, but she doesn’t go looking for trouble either.

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5 Responses to Cubbys for Calla

  1. It’s it funny how they let each other have their own space. Predictible, na, peace keeping!
    Am I right in assuming Gus is the eldest of your kitties then? How old is he?


  2. Wow, he’s older than my Star, who turned 13 this summer. I always think of him as a young baby!


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