Bad Fits?

Calla decided to sprawl out on the rocks on Saturday for me.  They are really enjoying it these days – this afternoon all three of the cats were out back without me being there, each on their own rock.

My hike this weekend was back in Wildwood Park, this time on a trail up onto Mount Clef Ridge.  This ridge separates this valley from the Santa Rosa valley, so the views are great. In the interesting animal life department there were about three or four buzzards or vultures riding thermals up the face of the valley, hanging just yards above the trail like ugly Pinatas.

I ordered some new trail shoes and tried them out.  I was a little worried about them because there was some severely rough parts on the trail.  The entire mountain is made from a kind of gravel – rock, made up of round rocks from the size of pebbles to grapefruit to small cars, cemented into place.  Where there is no soil to cover it, it is tough walking.

That part seemed to pass muster – I didn’t have sore joints in the middle of the foot from flexing too much.  But they did give me a nasty blister on a heel for a souvenir, which took some of the charm out of the walk.  I imagine they will break in with time.

One thing that fits better into the box is Calla.  She’s keeping company with one of the toys from Andrea’s fundraiser (see the panel in the sidebar).

You wouldn’t think of it, but Julius also can fit into the box easily.

The box is cool and all, but nothing beats being outside in the back yard on a nice afternoon.

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9 Responses to Bad Fits?

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    What does Julie look like?! Love the last pic of Calla especially!


  2. Wow, you can really see their size difference in that box! Wonder what the little birdie is telling them, MOL! Calla on the rocks is just adorable!
    Glad your toys arrived, hope they like them!


  3. LOVE how they squeeze themselves into the tiniest of spaces and seem so content!


  4. PigLove says:

    You are so pretty outside on the rocks as well as in your box dominion. Awesome pictures my friend. XOXO – Bacon


  5. What kind of shoes did you get? I’m shopping for a new pair myself, but can’t decide whether to splurge on something pricey and high-tech, or stick with LL Bean’s brand, which has been my go-to for years.

    Steep trails with lots of loose rock and gravel scare me. I’ve gone “skating” downhill in some parts of the Cascades, and it is not fun, for me anyway.


    • Oldcat says:

      These are New Balance ‘Hedgehog’s – you can read the exact brand on the box Calla is sitting in. I actually had forgotten I ordered them. They weren’t that pricey. They have nice tread which would help on loose stuff. A walking stick also helps if it has a spike to dig in except on pure rock.

      The trails here aren’t that vertical, they tend to zig zag them up the slope so that the incline is more tolerable. The gravel rock was bound into a single hard lumpy surface in places, so it was uneven but not loose. Every so often one round rock would break out and roll around loose but the footing was not bad. But I was wondering if the sole was too soft and the round lumps would make the tendons in the foot proper sore. This didn’t happen, but my blistered heel is an annoyance.

      Welcome to the Blog!


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