Red Letter Day

Fear the Fangs of Fury!

I picked up the red cloth that Rhea keeps fighting and pulling down and smoothed it out.  The kittens were very disturbed by it for quite some time.

But soon after that it all went to pieces.  Silly kittens.

Even the red cloth can’t deter the fixation on the camera strap.

Meanwhile sweetie pie Rhea hangs out on top of the cat tree…like a boss.


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6 Responses to Red Letter Day

  1. Val says:

    I understand the camera strap fixation because my Gus has a Wii controller strap fixation. And it’s really hard to point and click the controller at the little arrow when someone is swatting at the strap. I only pulled out the controller a week or so ago when I decided to nix the satellite for Netflix and HuluPlus. I’m hoping (praying?) it will get old and Gus will leave it alone. However, I don’t know. Fixation!


  2. Connie says:

    Camera straps are completely irresistible!!


  3. weggieboy says:

    Love the first photo of your little tiger, Davout! Scary! The rest, of course, are lots of fun, too!


  4. ummm Davout – our mom says that scary has a weight limit and you aren’t there yet MOL


  5. Davout looks extremely elongaged in that picture where he’s wrapped in the red cloth! Rhea looks like she’s trying to figure out what happened! MOL


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