Tree Climbers

To give the kittens more exercise, I ran the wand toy up the climbing part of the cat tree.  First Davout went up for it…

Then Rhea took her turn, but made the effort of hanging four feet in the air look easy.  At one point she fooled herself and let go with both front paws to grab for the toy.  A few frantic grabs and she had to lunge to reattach herself to the post.

She also was very willing to chase it on the leather chair.

I did a better job today of giving Davout more time to play.

This is a favorite one – not only do you have Davout’s crazy whiskers,  but a blurry frame of Rhea’s in the foreground.

I keep thinking that I have a naked Davout body on the left rather than a fuzzy one going to the right.

After this the kittens had a fight and chase session that moved across three rooms. At one point both of them had their hair and tail puffed out, which was very impressive on them both.  Rhea’s tail was almost as thick as her body!

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2 Responses to Tree Climbers

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Love the expressions on their faces and especially Davouts crazy whiskers.


  2. I love that Rhea was so into the play that she let both feet go on the tree! What a wild girl!


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