Turnabout Day

I felt a bit bad yesterday for not letting the kittens out after Anna had her turn – Davout especially was poking his nose out through the blinds on the back door the entire time.  So today, at a better time for photos (later in the afternoon where the sun doesn’t blank out the viewfinder quite so much), I let the kittens out.

It wasn’t very warm, but otherwise sunny.  There was a bit of a wind that sometimes rankled the kittens by fluffing up their fur the wrong way.  When I got myself out there, they were standing side by side on one of the rocks.

This little fellow was also out.  Since I’m not trying to keep flowers that they like to kill alive, like marigolds, I left him alone rather than pitch him out.

Davout doesn’t look too thrilled to be outside, though he really is.

Rhea tracked a loud bird for some time.

There’s a little nicer picture of the Marshal Davout.

Rhea, still watching that bird.

They didn’t stay in the same spot the whole time, but it wasn’t so warm that they needed to seek the shade as it will be in summer time.

This is a particular saucy blade of grass…

Let us teach it a lesson in manners!

Sometimes Rhea is so intent…

Other times she’s kinda bored.  Note the relative lack of Fizzgig-ness here.

Davout getting a bit grumpy at the wind.  Or the pictures.


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3 Responses to Turnabout Day

  1. They’re beautiful! Great pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Debi says:

    What a beautiful photo!


  3. Debi says:

    All of them, actually. Lovely feline friends!


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