Quick Post

Slow night, which is good since I have had Anna’s door open with the gate across it all day. No drama has resulted, and it isn’t as fascinating as it was on day 1.  Rhea is content to let it be most of the time.

Harrison had one of his rougher mornings last night – a big spit up of stuff and he wasn’t interested in food in the morning.  He came up into the bed most of the night and slept up by my head with a fold of blanket near him to help warm him up.  He does that every so often, especially when he’s feeling poorly.  Appetite was back by evening.

I was trying to give him a scratch on the side of the head and he would grab the hand in his paws hand move it to his cheek or chin, and give it a pretend bite.  He then sneezed and when I went for a tissue to wipe his face he took off and ran upstairs.  He’s getting pretty spry.  I’ve seen him run a bit here or there recently.  He might be emulating the games Rhea and Davout play on the stairs.

That notch is where I had to cut out some knots while he was wiggling last week,  I wonder if he will be any better next time he needs a trim.

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2 Responses to Quick Post

  1. quirkyartist says:

    No Wonder you have kept Harrison. He sounds so affectionate. He has bonded with you so well. Such a sweetheart. Breaks my heart to think I will never have another Himalayan. They’re pretty special

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  2. Lurkertype says:

    Awww, Harrison. Such a good boy. Reading about him makes me happy.


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