Change is Bad

I was moving some furniture in the living room to try and diagnose a lamp that has been acting erratically and Davout was fretting and fretting until everything (except the lamp) was put back where it had been.

A bit earlier I shut him in with Anna and myself.  Anna was polite until Rhea showed up outside the gate and he was in the way of where she wanted to retreat.  Finally Anna jumped up onto and over the sofa to get to her safe high place and glare toward the door.

Rhea had been playing in the shoebox and then with Davout when he came to investigate. She even jumped up and tackled him on the sofa.  She licked at his head and neck most of the time with a few nibbles which he tolerated.  I tried to get the camera but that spooked Davout and he dashed off.

When I sat down he was ready to be lured closer…He is very good at keeping on two paws to play.

Eventually Rhea ran off with the whole toy, took it to the shoebox with tissue paper in it, and spent a long time backing off and pouncing on it and the box over and over.



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3 Responses to Change is Bad

  1. Sabina Ayne says:

    Adorable furbabies!!! Toby gets excited when I do stuff out of the ordinary but it totally freaks Simon and BobbieSue out!


  2. Such cute pictures!

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  3. Such purrecious kitties!😺

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