Out and About

Anna Out and About

I am pleased with Anna’s recent interest in exploring outside her room.  In the late evening she has been coming out under her own power, and usually it isn’t hard to keep Rhea from causing trouble.

In addition I brought Anna out into my room with the door shut in the morning and when I got home from work.  She had some time to explore both times while I changed.  I added a little wrinkle in the evening session.  When she had settled down on a high-ish cat tower, I opened the door and let the other cats in.

Tuckered Out

Rhea increased the tension quite a bit.  Ironically, it was less tense when I put Rhea on her own tree level with Anna, but across the room.  Anna relaxed more when Rhea was less of a threat to charge.

There was one charging incident later.  Anna managed a stalemate while Rhea was on the level below, and they could trade swats at the edge of the tree.  A bit more time with the door closed relaxed Anna fairly fast.

On the Move

I had done that a few times last year around this time, just before Harrison came in.  I stopped pressing the issue then, and Anna reacted to Harrison’s being around by being extra grouchy to me for a while, and uninterested in coming out.  Oddly, she never reacted to the actual Harrison as strongly as to the idea of another cat outside her room.

I still have some medication that might help too.

Trouble Girl

Rhea’s attitude toward Anna is funny.  She fixes on her if she sees her, but when Anna is with me in the room usually Rhea is off sitting in Anna’s room here or there.


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One Response to Out and About

  1. I’m so glad Anna is enjoying getting out of her room and having more places to sniff! Silly Rhea just needs to learn how to be friends instead of a stalker, lol


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