Busy Girl Rhea

Rhea had a pretty full day today, and for a wonder little of it was harassing Anna.  I brought Anna into my room and after some sniffing around she jumped up into the top of the closet and snoozed until mid-afternoon, even after the door was opened again.  Eventually I put her back in her room in case she needed to eat or use the litterbox.  I wouldn’t want a fight to mess up the enjoyment she has in getting out a little.

Davout is the driver in going out.  He even wants to try going out during rainstorms.  But so far he’s very shy of staying out if I go out and do some gardening.  Rhea is a lot braver.  She’s sitting out in the open here watching a loud bird flying around trying to scare her off.  Not going to happen.

I sawed off this palm frond because it is dying back.  You have to be careful as the stem is lined with razor sharp claw-thorns.

Before I brought Anna out, I found that Rhea has quite a few knots in her hair in back.  I used the trimmer to get a lot of them, which makes her look shaggy on that side.  She’s turned so you can’t see it here.

Another thing she did today was rush out at one point and climb up the stucco post to about seven feet high and hang there before jumping down.

She also climbed out of the yard onto the wall too, once, although she was good most of the day.  She did come and jump down into the yard when I saw her up there.

This was something interesting.  This part of the wall is where the previous owners had a grill.  I’ve never used one.  Look at the stain on the third and fourth bricks from the top.  There are little clean paw marks there that I’m pretty sure are from Davout or Rhea or both. They do sometimes peer through that crack to the neighbor’s yard, who does have a cat or two.  They might be showing how big and tough they are.

A day like that deserves a long rest.



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3 Responses to Busy Girl Rhea

  1. pacificnorthwestgranny says:

    Rhea looks more gray that I remember her being. Still a pretty girl.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. soupsloth says:

    Oh that last photo was just heartbreaking! That little pink nose… Just beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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