The More the Merrier


Harrison’s death hit me pretty hard, as you might imagine.  He deserved a better shot than he got in life.  When I started looking to adopt again, things repeatedly fell through and I became increasingly frustrated with the process.  To feel better, I would sometimes look at kittens from the breeder where Rhea and Davout came from.

I started seeing some kittens get passed over and remain on the list.  After a particularly annoying attempt with a local group, I just decided to adopt a couple of these kittens to shake things up.

The above kitten has a kitten name of Athos.  He’s a shaded golden British Shorthair.  Nope, he’s not orange, he’s “black”.   A coloring variant pushes the black striping of a tabby right to the tip leaving a bit of black at the tip, and the rest is the orangish undercolor of a brown tabby cat.

Right now, his color looks a lot like a Sand Cat or a Fennec Fox.  As he gets older his striping might fade away entirely.


This is Cinny.  He’s a cinnamon non-standard Minuet cat like Rhea and Davout – a variant of the Black gene makes his fur a light cinnamon brown.  He’s a bit older and quite a bit larger.

He’s got a little bit of the eye tearing that Rhea and Davout had when this size, and possibly a minor cold, so he’s not in the best of looks.  He’s had some eye ointment plus a drop of stuf I had around.  Plus he has a few odd cinnamon spots, and some cinnamon toes that make him look a bit like he’s mud spattered.

Cinnamon Boy

He’s still has an appetite.  He purrs a lot too,  When I lay down with him, he’s mostly exploring the room but did stop and sniff my hair, and even use a tooth or to to pull on my socks without biting a toe.  Pretty clever fellow.


Athos is a little shyer, but does tend to find spots to peer at me.

Pen Warrior

And he’s not above a little playtime.

They were both very good in the drive up from San Diego, even in the rains that poured down and the thick traffic areas.  They’ve been on the bold side of roaming out with an open door, which runs them into Rhea.  Rhea has been predictable – hissing a little, wanting to creep closer to watch.  The boys did not react to her, although Athos did puff up his tail once.   I took Davout in and he hissed, and wanted to run out of the room.

Between the bold moods they seek out smaller cubbies and the closet to feel secure.  The two of them did some roughhousing in the room, and the larger Cinny did let up Athos when he squeaked when pinned down.  A bit later, Athos would charge back for another round, so their personal integration is going well too.

I have new names coming for the both of them, but that’s all for now.

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16 Responses to The More the Merrier

  1. weggieboy says:

    I look forward to reading and seeing more of your new kitties and how they adjust/are accepted by Annie, Rhea (especially!) and Davout. For the time being, congratulations on having a heart big enough for two more cats!


  2. Wazeau says:

    Congratulations on your new additions! So adorable!


  3. Kathleen Sturgis says:

    So is it 5-Cat Yard now? Congratulations on the new kitties!


  4. Happy to hear about the new additions to your feline family! Definitely looking forward to the stories and photos you will be sharing about them!


  5. kimkiminy says:

    Congrats! This makes five now?


  6. Lurkertype says:

    New kittens! How exciting! We’re all looking forward to living vicariously through your photos.

    I love Athos. Pretty color and winsome face. Cinny looks like a color remap of Rhea.


  7. Sabina Ayne says:

    Congrats on you expanding family!! I look forward to seeing more of their antics.


  8. angela1313 says:

    They are wonderful. I understand yourfrustration with adopting. I’ve seen peoplewith cats that should neer have them, rescue groups that really have no clue and people who would be great with cats have trouble just as you did. I cannot imagine why these little guys were passed over unless heaven meant them for you.


  9. MizRobyn says:

    Yay, new babies! They’re utterly adorable (and I can’t wait to read about how Rhea adjusts to them!)


  10. Delaney says:

    I am just now catching up because of the Thanksgiving holidays, but I definitely wanted to congratulate you on the two new family members. It is always enjoyable to see cats go into such good homes and I look forward to watching these two grow up.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Connie says:

    Congratulations on your new additions! I simply adore Athos.. such a unique face.


  12. New kitties!!! Awesome! Congratulations, a touch late! My internet time is somewhat limited recently, so I’m catching up!


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