Took the weekend easy because my eye was a bit tender after Friday.  I noticed an escalation of Grant’s charm offensive against the older cats, especially Rhea.  He still plays chase with her, but his new trick is to run right across my body in the middle to shake the pursuit.

His habit of rubbing against Rhea on tiptoe while waiting for breakfast hardly ever gets him beat up anymore.

His newest thing is really cute, though. Rhea tends to flop on her back in my bedroom if I’m in there.  Grant has started to lie down beside her a little bit away, and then curl himself backward so that he’s touching her all along her side, head to head and make goo-goo eyes at her.

So far she’s gotten mad eventually and turned on him and play smacked him down, which he puts up with.  But even then she isn’t serious, once she even started grooming the top of his head.

In between this, he hangs out with Davout, even sleeping on a cat tree with him this morning.

Then Grant plays the wild man.  I keep hearing things fall into the sink into the kitchen as he climbs onto the counter exploring.  Also he has taken to checking out pans on the stove so now I get worried after I cook that he will go burn himself on a hot pan.


Sherman is just a cool fellow.  He isn’t hostile to anyone, or that chummy.  Purrs like a champ if you mess with him, until you mess with his ears for a bit too long.

Davout increasingly comes up to remind me when standard playtime is.  Even when he only wants to watch everyone else play.


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2 Responses to Fascination

  1. angela1313 says:

    Grant sure is a charmer. I guess Rhea is as susceptible as the rest of us.


  2. grant…..ya could lovez 10000000 bazillion cat yeerz N never figure out gurlz !!! 🙂 ♥♥♥ one minit they R one way…. then de next …BAM ~~~~


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