Anna Time

Sherman with the calming vibes.

Though Sherman isn’t in sight, she knows he’s there.  I think the yawns she often gives him and me is at least semi friendly, although the teeth might be a bit of a warning mixed in.

Eventually she had enough and retired to her shelf.

Davout was on guard down the hall and I brought him close to Anna.  He got a look, a polite mew, a deep sniff, then a hiss.  He was fairly troubled, but felt better from a distance and decided to guard the door for Anna.

Poor Marshal D.  He wants to be closer, but he gets too upset to withstand her hissing.

Glum Gurl

This looks grumpy, but actually is a good sign.  She’s at least mostly calm and at least pretending to be casual about it.  I love her big paws.

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2 Responses to Anna Time

  1. 15andmeowing says:

    Have you ever tried a calming collar on her? They are only about $5 and really do calm them. Nice to see all these cuties.


  2. These are perhaps the most beautiful cats I have seen!

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