Cranky Camera

PrettyGirl Rhea

In recently been having some issues with the camera not properly resolving a picture, leading to lost chances.  It seemed to be related to the autofocus catching the wrong stuff- the background over foreground.

Some menu fiddling seemed to work it out for now.

AutoFocus woes

I got a comment about Sherman’s white looking like Maple seeds.  I can make it out, but I tend to see the white as background rather than mark, so I tend to see his face as white like Rheas but with a smudge of color on the lip on one side.

Same thing with his toes and paws, they are like little stains on fancy boots.

Maple Leaf Face?

Sherman has his empathy turned up to 11.  I have one of those TV fittings that plays Youtube videos and sometimes cat videos go up there and he comes up to investigate, especially if there is distress sounds on there.

Cutie Test

Happy Fellow

Ear Fluff

It seems to hit the hairs like before!

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6 Responses to Cranky Camera

  1. weggieboy says:

    I have that same issue. I use a smartphone for most photography, and it tends to focus on the facial hair over the eyes. I can wait till it “figures it out” and focuses on the feature I want sharp. I miss shots I want because of this quirk, or end up being satisfied with what I get. I think this is a long-haired kitty photography problem for all auto-focusing cameras. The old fashioned manual focus on my Nikon many times was faster simply because once I had a close enough focus, I could fine focus by moving forward or back to get that close up shot rather than true to “convince” my smart phone auto-focus to settle down on what I want!


  2. angela1313 says:

    Well the photos n this post look pretty good to me, way better than what i get, although I am slowly mastering the Go Pro I got. I wish I could capture some of that fine detail. Your cats are beautiful in any event.


  3. Bitsy says:

    I agree with Angela…the cats are so lovely, I have never noticed any focus issues.


  4. sarledge1 says:

    As an aside…….I think Shermans white markings on face….upside down…..take on the image of a ❤️…just to handsome!


  5. I was going to say that I always thought Sherman’s white looked like a heart, upside down, but someone beat me to it. 🙂 Either way, he’s adorable! As are all of your kitties!


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