Another Anna Visit

Caged Princess

I brought Anna down for another visit.  It seemed to go a little easier all round.  Anna eventually sat down and kinda relaxed.

Back Turn Rhea

Rhea found a stairstep that put her on the same height level as Anna.  At first she stared through the bannister at Anna.  Eventually she tired of the sport and sat down facing the other way.

Grant Distracted

The two cautious boys hung about at the margin.  Grant had to get a look from a distance and got some hisses in return.  He soon decided to go for the distraction of an open window with screen over any inside drama.

Grant Ignoring Too

It is odd he likes to watch outside, since he’s invariably too scared of an open door to go out, even to the patio.

Davout About

Davout mostly kept out of sight lines.

Watching Out

Finally Anna wanted to go back to her room, but she was annoyed that I wouldn’t let her go on her own since Rhea was in the way.

Mad Anna

She got super annoyed at started swatting at me or snapping teeth when I tried to pick her up.  Instead I got Rhea and put her in a carrier for a bit and let Anna pick her way around the boys to the stairs and back to her room.

Sherman was cute hanging around the carrier with Rhea inside, lying upside down and trying to get her to play.  Rhea tried to push out when Anna came past, but aside from a hiss or two when one of the boys was too close, Anna had an easy route through the room to the stairs.

Nobody was too upset at the business, and it sure wasn’t boring.



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2 Responses to Another Anna Visit

  1. Anne Daigle says:

    Looks like the new strategy will eventually work, but like with my two it may take 5 years. Once an alpha cat (like Rhea) always an Alpha cat.


  2. guyz…..furst up…total lee awesum fotoz oh everee one two day !!!! & anna…..good werk…..yur gettin ther ♥♥♥


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