Running Low

Gus is back from his vet appointment, which went well enough.  He’s down three more teeth, including one big fang.  I think it is the lower left, but he is reluctant to show teeth right now.

The green thing on his foot is a slow release painkiller, so right now he isn’t feeling much pain.  He’s a little wobbly and thus tends to want to retire upstairs.  His favorite water fountains are up there too.

Last night and this morning were drama filled, as I had to pick up the bowls I have around to nibble on.  This was not appreciated by anyone, and Gus even nipped Calla on the butt as they were all hanging about wondering why no food was forthcoming.

Calla had an additional adventure last night as I closed the back door when Julie came in but she was still out there.   I did a count a few minutes later and missed her, and she was right by the door.

All during these pictures Gus was paddling his front paws like he was making sideways biscuits, or running in slow motion.  I’m sure he feels odd, but he probably hurts a bit less than when he went in this morning.

Thanks, everyone for the good wishes.  I’m not overly anxious by nature but it never feels good to have your cat out being worked on and his being scared all day.

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9 Responses to Running Low

  1. Andrea Kelly says:

    Glad things went well!!


  2. Star Wise says:

    Have a good rest, Gus, and soon you will be up and running. Thanks for the update Oldcat


  3. kimkiminy says:

    Poor babe. Drugged kitty! Glad to hear it went well, at least.


  4. Aww, poor sweet Gus! I’m glad he’s got pain killers and that it went well. I love how he’s biscuiting, must be feeling pretty good.
    Calla left outside, I can imagine her being all indignant and huffy when she got let in, MOL


  5. Lurkertype says:

    Perhaps paddle-feet are Gus’ way of expressing how awesome the drugs are.

    His profile is as handsome as ever.


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