Lost Weekend?

It starts so simply…just one sniff.  Then another, and another…

…until it is too late!

I’m a bit tired too – about the time I caught up on sleep from last week I caught some kind of cold.  Blech.  Now I’ve shaken that but am still tired all the time.

So’s Gus.   I did have the energy to give him a bit of a trim and cut out some of his larger knots from the last few weeks which I’m sure makes him feel a little better.

So what was the fallout from this latest time in the boarding area of the vet?  There seems to be much less of a reaction this time – they went back to normal very fast.   If anything, they seem to be more comfortable with each other than before all this.  Not that they are bundling up in piles yet, but the wariness and distance between the boys and Calla seems much reduced to me.

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1 Response to Lost Weekend?

  1. Anne Daigle says:

    The best thing about being retired is that I do not catch colds anymore, just one in 10 years. Lots of cold viruses in the workplace, meetings, etc. And it makes you feel rotten. I guess the cats realize that worse than putting up with each other is being boarded.


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