Paper Cover

What’s the toy for today?

Davout is showing off his evil genius curled face whiskers…

Help!  I’m drowning in my own fluff!!

Today’s toy is some plastic sheeting that was rolled up with paper inbetween the layers.  I cut off a part and left the paper covering the sofa.  Every so often I hear someone pouncing on the paper.

I tried putting fingers under there but it soon got a bit too risky.  She did enjoy pouncing on the camera strap on the paper due to the added sound effects.


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2 Responses to Paper Cover

  1. kimkiminy says:

    A sheet of plain wrapping paper is the BEST toy. So many wonderful crinkly-smashy noises!


  2. Doug Thomas says:

    Paper is a favorite of my two, too! Magazines and books will do for territory to defend as well.


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