Oops I Forgot a Title

Despite the two days of spats, the open door policy while I’m home is back.  It helps get some breeze through the upstairs area as the day cools off, and hopefully the sounds coming in will get her interested in what’s happening.

She comes out to feel the air and look out the window, and gives me some nice looks and sounds when I visit.  A bit later she often tenses up when a cat shows up…or she thinks one has.

She decided to jump up to the higher shelftop…

And there she hissed and growled at Davout just outside the gate.  Poor boy.

Feeling Better

As I feared yesterday, me mentioning Harrison not being sick for some days made him be sick this morning.  He wasn’t interested in food then, but he’s made up for it now with three this evening.

He liked all three meals.  He’s not very picky so far.

I got Harrison to play with a wand toy for a while while Rhea watched.  He’s willing to sit up and grab, but his muscles are still weak and he goes down pretty fast to all fours.  Rhea avoided her usual busybody nature and left him to play.

Just then there was a noise upstairs – Anna jumped down from her high perch and knocked over a brush.  Rhea was a good girl and left that uninvestigated as well.

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