Remembering Harrison

Heads Up Harrison

Since it is after midnight, it now is the one year anniversary of Harrison’s little body giving out and his death.  I had taken him into the vet for a checkup since he had stopped eating the day before and he normally ate more than all my other cats added together just to keep going.

He came to me the May before, as an emergency request from a shelter I had adopted Anna from.  The weather was very cold for California, and the shelter only has a very limited amount of full indoor space.  Harrison was very sick with a URI at the very least and needed better shelter and care to survive.  I took him in as a ‘foster’, knowing full well he’d be staying on.

Snore Baby

He was very malnourished, and between meals he almost fell into a coma for quite a time until he shook his first URI and the weather warmed up.  A vet check showed that the few teeth he had would need to be pulled as well.

Wide Awake Harrison

His ultra flat face kept him prone to those colds and congestion, so I kept tissues handy to wipe his nose when he sneezed.  They also helped clean his face since he had trouble keeping his face clean when eating.  He tended to push it away as he ate it, so I had to find bowls that could keep the food from sliding off the back of a plate, but still make most of it available to eat.  I usually had to reshape the food a time or two.

The shapers of this breed certainly didn’t do Harrison any favors.

Harrison Steps Out

He loved going outside when he could, and got on well with the resident cats,  Almost nothing they did bothered him.

Bunny Kick

He had a normal interest in toys and the like too.  He was always a happy guy.

Pushing the Limits

The fly in the ointment is that he still remained very thin.  He gained a pound or two heading into the fall, but tended to lose it when he caught a cold.  But even when ‘gaining’, the results were hardly what you would expect compared to what he took in.  He more or less ate significantly more than what my two 12 pound male cats had done when they were alive, but only gained slowly if at all.  It was pretty clear that he wasn’t effectively digesting much of his food, the hope was that if he could take enough in he could win out.

Harrison was always as active and happy as his health would allow him to be, and loved by everyone from the moment they met him.  Who would think a frail five pound cat could leave such a hole in the world?

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15 Responses to Remembering Harrison

  1. weggieboy says:

    I cried when I read he’d passed, and this brought back that. He was such a sweetie, this little guy, and bless you for taking him on, nurturing him, caring for him, loving him, knowing you would also gave him a short time before he died. Thank you for this remembrance. RIP Harrison, good kitty.

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  2. Mary McNeil says:

    I wasn’t reading your blog yet when he passed away, and, though you’d mention him occasionally, I shied away from looking back to see what happened. Like Rupert (from Tails of the Foster Kittens) he is now well and strong, but still missed ! Purrs .

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  3. It is heartbreaking when the world looses such a soft and happy soul. Love is always best measured in comfort given not time.

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  4. Connie says:

    The love of a good pet never dies.. it is with you always

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  5. Bitsy says:

    I, too, fell in love with Harrison, and grieved at his loss. I still remember the happiness I felt the day I ready of the ‘foster fail’, and the sharp pain the day I read he was no longer with us. I’m so glad his last year was one spend in a kind and loving home. He brought happiness to the readers of this blog during the short time we knew him.

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  6. Hope Harrison sends you a message to let you know he is always with you.

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  7. thanx for sharing Harrison’s story today; thanx for showing him love and compassion

    you’re one handsome little dude Harrison; we know for being such a small creature,
    you filled such a large space….. in dad’s home…… and in his heart

    we are sorry we never got to know you ~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

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  8. 15andmeowing says:

    Harrison was a sweet boy. I miss seeing posts and photos of him.XO


  9. angela1313 says:

    What an absolutely beautiful little one. I wasn’t reading your blog when all this happened so thank you for this post. I am very glad he got to spend his final days in a cat friendly, caring place.and knew love.


  10. Andrea Kenner says:

    Sending sad purrs to comfort you in the loss of your sweet angel boy.


  11. Lavinia Ross says:

    I am sorry this little cat angel had to leave you so soon. You made him happy and as comfortable as possible, and he brightened your world in return. I am glad he had a loving home with you for his final days.


  12. grannysgotablog says:

    I remember him from when I had a blog on here before and was so sad to see him pass and so grateful for the love you gave him on his journey.


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