Repeat Visit

Another visit, and again Anna was very composed.

The Generals were first, despite Davout biting Grant to keep him back for a while.

Grant made his way right up to below Anna’s seat on the shelf top.  He’s always been very interested in ingratiating himself with the other cats…possibly pushing a bit too hard at times.  Perhaps it bothers him that she is most hostile to him of all the boys.

Rhea came up eventually but stayed out.  Davout came past her and helped take up space in the doorway.  Trying to head off any issues with Rhea?  Perhaps.

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3 Responses to Repeat Visit

  1. I’m so glad it sounds like Anna is finally becoming calm when she has visitors! Has she tried to go out exploring again? That was a very encouraging post too!


  2. guyz….well even tho a bite transpired, other wize all went…. prette well !!! 🙂 ♥♥


  3. sarledge1 says:

    Bless the little Generals…..they have the sweetest little faces in the first photo. They are all so very precious! Anna may well come around……I do hope so….would love for her to be free of her room yet feel safe.


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