Looking Up

Today’s pictures are all from above!  Theme!

Harrison had a good day.  I had a bit of a flash yesterday with him when he was eating from a little bowl.  He seemed to find it a lot easier when the bowl was lying on and edge nestled in a towel.  His usual issue of flattening the food into a thin layer he can’t easily get to was reduced quite a bit.

He’s also had three half-days in a row without skipping eating, and having extra servings too.  Today he went and ate some of the kitten’s food while I prepped his, then ate some of his, more of theirs, then later had an entire second helping of his own.  In this last I put some tiny bits of lysine treat that he ate.

I gave Davout a pair of treats too.  His watery eye looks good, which might be coincidence.

Anna goes for the red cord.

She has been showing a tiny bit of interest in things outside her door.  When I come up to visit sometimes she is sitting where she can watch the door, even if it to hiss at someone coming up.

I’m not leaving out Rhea.  I saw her in this side tree and attempted to make her do a full exorcist head twist…

Starting here….

to here….

almost a three quarter circle!

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3 Responses to Looking Up

  1. Lurkertype says:

    I thought a tiny athlete was standing on Rhea in her first photo.

    Would Harrison do better if his food came in a pyramid or traffic cone shape? Or on a convex surface? Not really practical, I guess. Are plates better or worse for him than bowls? I just want him to eat, LOL.


    • Oldcat says:

      He has been heating off a plate before this. At the start they work ok, but he tends to take the cake of food and turn it to a flat spread of stuff across the plate that he has trouble eating, and he has to stand on it too which dirties his paws. The smaller bowl keeps the spread down quite a bit.

      I often remound up his food into pyramids for him, but basically when he bites, he gets a third in and two thirds fall off to the side in crumbles.

      These days I don’t think there’s any outside force keeping him from eating – bad teeth, not liking food, pills or additives. He’s just in a mode where he eats twice or three times as much as a normal cat for a while, then fasts and sleeps for a while. It might make me fret, but as long as he improves overall there’s not much you can do.


  2. I’m happy to get an update on Anna. I missed her!


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