Weigh Day and More

Around noon I decided to do a periodic weighin for all the cats – well I didn’t catch Davout but he hasn’t gained or lost an ounce for a year.  It isn’t as vital as before with Harrison, but Anna was measured to be a bit overweight.  She’s lost it since then, and is holding steady since the last time.

I had put Rhea in a little linen closet that for some reason she doesn’t mind being in for a little bit.  Anna stepped up behind the television and I went and got the camera.  She had come out when I got back, but I still got a picture.

I’ve trimmed quite a bit of long hair from the sides.  A portion of the stuff under the stomach is fluff and some remaining knots.  I’ve been giving her a break since the last cut got a chunk of it.  It was good to see Anna moving around a bit confidently away from her room.  She did hiss at Davout since he was watching from the hall back to her room, but once I got him out of the path she ambled back.

Her tail is being swished sideways – it isn’t stubby!

A bit earlier I had let Davout hang out with Anna shut in her room by the gate, while I watched Rhea some to keep her from hassling them.  They had a “visit” where he sort of hung out on the other side of the sofa from where she was for a half hour or so.

Rhea made me feel better since she is the first cat I’ve seen use the cat tree in the other room. Her being littler does help some.  This room gets some early day sun and has some views of the front yard and pool.

I did some cleaning and Rhea hung out to keep company, even when the vacuum was going. Again, this chair is a nice, underused chair that is perfect for cats but hasn’t been used until recently by Rhea.

Later in the day I tried to please Davout by taking him out back.  But when I poured out a tub that had filled with rainwater over the last few weeks Davout fled inside and didn’t come back out.  Rhea was keeping an eye on the advancing water…but it didn’t get her.

Rhea wasn’t too impressed with outside today anyway – it was a bit nippy and breezy.

Davout did get first crack at the feather toy.

I like getting them to chase the feather up the large scratch post.  They can climb and swat and bite all at once.

When I gave Rhea a try, she grabbed the entire toy and ran off with it.

Poor Davout felt betrayed.


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2 Responses to Weigh Day and More

  1. Connie says:

    poor Davout was not having a good day


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